ELEF & Switch Workshop mit Rein und Johanna (B)


Johanna and Rein join us from Ghent, Belgium, for an exciting weekend of switch dancing!

“The joy we feel when dancing to swing music is something we wish everyone gets to experience in one way or the other. To be inspired by this wonderful music and share this with others, exchanging, improvising and creating a conversation that is different every time you step on the dance floor - it’s incredible.”

In diesem Workshop könnt ihr die Grundlagen von ELEF kennenlernen, auffrischen und/oder neue Switchmöglichkeiten kennenlernen und in eurem Tanzen vertiefen.

Am Samstagabend des Workshopwochenendes sind alle Teilnehmer:innen herzlich einladen mit uns bei unserem Sommerfest zu feiern und am Social Dance teilzunehmen.


Ansprechpartner Workshop: Dominik über dominik.lehmann@boogie-baeren.de



Samstag 06.07.2024

Zeit Kurs Teilnehmer:innen
11:15 - 12:45 Uhr all levels Du beherrscht die Grundlagen in mindestens einer Tanzrolle (Follow oder Lead) und hast mehr als einen Trainingszyklus im Lindy Hop Level 1 besucht.
Samstagnachmittag und -abend Sommerfest der Boogie-Bären Jede:r


Sonntag 07.07.2024

Zeit Kurs Teilnehmer:innen
12:00 - 13:30 Uhr all levels Du beherrscht die Grundlagen in mindestens einer Tanzrolle (Follow oder Lead) und hast mehr als einen Trainingszyklus im Lindy Hop Level 1 besucht.
13:30 - 14:30 Uhr Mittagspause  
14:30 - 16:00 Uhr advanced switch Du hast mehr als einen Trainingszyklus im Lindy Hop Level 2 und höher in beiden Tanzrollen (Follow und Lead) besucht.



Workshopsprache Englisch  
Mittagspause Selbstversorgung. Geschirr vorhanden. time for a chat and socializing with the group

Boogie-Bären Mitglieder:

Kostenlos für aktive Boogie-Bären Mitglieder

Nicht-Mitglieder :

25,00 € pro 90 Minuten Workshop


Everybody Leads, Everybody Follows - basics Switch around - advanced
Do you want to try to dance the other role - but never had the opportunity?
We’ll be exploring the other role, what it can bring to your dancing, .. and try your first switch!

For beginners and for those that look for more comfort in the other/new role.
This workshop is recommended if you want to refresh your basics before the advanced switch.
Come and join us for a switch workshop, where we explore and dig deeper in the universe of dancing both the leader and follower role.

Starting from your knowledge and understanding of basic 6 count and 8 count moves in both roles, we will focus on the dynamics, communication & flow in your dancing.

Next, we will introduce different switch moves that allow you to change roles during the dance, initiated from either the follower or leader perspective.


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About the teachers

Rein discovered Lindy Hop in Sweden, only to find that her home city, Ghent, had a very lively jazz music scene which sparks dancers to express themselves in a creative way. She got hooked ever since.
The very same lively jazz scene sparked Johannas love for Ghent and made her choose to come and live there after discovering Lindy Hop a few years prior in her country of origin, Austria.

Johanna and Rein have been teaching together since 2021. They teach Everybody Leads and Everybody Follows and Switch dancing for beginner and advanced dancers at Crazy Legs Dance School and beyond. They are appreciated for their dynamics and flow in their dancing. In their teaching, they try to transmit the community, expression and communication values of this Black American art form.
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Was Workshop
Wann 06. - 07.07.2024
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Veranstalter Boogie-Bären München e.V.
Teilnehmer:innen Jede:r
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Ort Vereinsheim Boogie-Bären München e.V., Gneisenaustr. 16, 80992 München
Kontakt lindy@boogie-baeren.de