FLYING SOLO: Munich Lindy Tech ed. with JO HOFFBERG (DE/USA)


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October 21st - 23rd, 2022

Workshop with Jo Hoffberg

This weekend intensive is dedicated to focusing on the solo movement that goes into partner dancing.

The first part of the workshop is dedicated to the basics of swing: Rhythm, bounce, isolations, arms, and the technique of dancing at different tempos.

The second half of the intensive will focus on commonly used vocabulary. We'll focus on the quality of movement while improvising, all while discovering your own voice as a dancer.

The teaching material is simple to understand, yet challenging. Brave beginners and advanced dancers are welcome.



Friday (3 hrs)

19:00h - 22:00h: Foundations



Saturday (4.5 hrs)

10:30h - 13:00h: Rhythm & Bounce


14:30h - 16:30h: Arms & Dynamics

Sunday (4.5 hrs)

11:00h - 13:30h: Musicality & Breaks


15:00h - 17:00h: Finding your Voice

** Exact material subject to change. This is an outline of the material that will be tailored to the students in the weekend workshop.



The workshop costs are 180 Euro per person. The details for the payment will come with the registration.



Boogie-Bären München e.V.

Gneisenaustr. 16

80992 München

Boogie-Bären München e.V.


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Social Dance / Social Activities / Hosting

  • There is no official party organised as part of the workshop, but there will be our regular "Boogie-Bären Übungsabend" social dance with DJ and free entrance on Saturday evening. Everyone is very welcome to join.

  • On Sunday evening, we plan to organise a dinner in a restaurant for interested workshop participants to get more chance for socialising after an intense weekend.
    This will not be official part of the workshop, but you can organise your travel plans accordingly, if you want to join.

  • Boogie-Bären does not provide hosting. But there's a local Facebook group, we highly recommend asking there: Swing, Lindy Hop, Boogie, Balboa in Munich


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Was? Workshop mit Jo Hoffberg
Wann? 21.-23. Oktober 2022
Veranstalter: Boogie-Bären München e.V.
Teilnehmer: Jeder
Kosten: 180 € pro Person
Ort: Vereinsheim, Gneisenaustr. 16, 80992 München
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