Taster classes

With the taster classes we intend to give you the opportunity to try something new. Choose your class freely on site.

These are our taster classes for 2019


Dips and tricks for Boogie Woogie with Kerstin and Jojo

In this lesson you will learn close-to-the-body mini-acrobatics and dips... simple tricks that have a great effect on the audience. A solid knowledge of lead and follow, and the Boogie Woogie basic steps is required. Attending in fixed couples would be optimal but is not mandatory.

Boogie for Lindy and Lindy for Boogie with Bianca and Nils

Bianca and Nils are among the world’s best both in Boogie and Lindy. They dance both dances in an authentic, individual and clearly distinguishable style. In these tasters, they will teach you the philosophy of both dances, dance with you, and reveal, why both dances are so closely linked.

Rhythms in Swing with Tanya and Sondre

This class deals with multifaceted ways of creating rhythms by dancing. Using tap dancing patterns, syncopation and everything else our music has to offer, Tanya and Sondre will show you how to enrich your dance even further.

Boogie Slow with Alice and William

Alice and William will work with you on why slow Boogie is different from fast Boogie. The class will deal with the feeling of balance, the feeling for the music, the feeling for the body of your partner, the feeling for the weight of you partner, and according movements.

Jazz it up with Alevtina and Nik

Alevtina and Nik will fill this open class with footwork elements suitable for Lindy as well as Boogie, which can be danced alone or as a couple. A perfect taster for everyone, who does not want to spend an entire day in the special class Jazz. A switch to the Jazz special class will still be possible after the taster class.

Charleston variations with Anna and Jakob

Anna and Jakob represent the "classical" Lindy Hop style, which is strongly influenced by partner Charleston variations. For sure they will show you some awesome known and unknown variations!

How to build a show with Elsa and Andi

In this class, Elsa and Andi will guide you through the setup of a show, aspects in the choice of music, dancing steps to incorporate, and also put this into practice.

Coup de Ville with Alice and William

The title will probably speak to Si Cranstoun fans. Alice und William will teach a nice routine of interesting footwork variations, which can be danced as a group but also by single dancers, but which can also be used to spice up partner dancing.


„Stealing“ is one of the most popular lessons from the portfolio of Jessy and Kuschi. The idea is to snatch a dancing partner from within a dancing couple in a playful way. A lot of fun is guaranteed in this class!

Slide by slide with Valerie and Christoph

This lesson deals with slides and lunges in dancing, which are a perfect element for interpreting the music. Slippery shoes, even on gymnasium floor, are recommended. Apart from this, a solid knowledge of the basic footwork and good feeling for your body are required.

Express your Groove with Yana and Ron

Here, Yana and Ron will work with you on the connection within the dancing couple and on the music and feel of every song. The point is to recognize the „groove“ of the music and to create something beyond steps and patterns.